Gardening is Good for You

Gardening has not been canceled.

Did you know that gardening may help you cultivate a more satisfying life? Researchers from Texas A & M University have found that people who spend even a little time gardening feel more positive about their lives and have more energy than non-gardeners. They report:

quote  As a group gardeners are more optimistic and report higher contentment with their lives. There is nothing boring or monotonous about a garden. There's a sense of something to look forward to. The plants are not the only thing growing in a garden. The gardener probably grows the most.  garden quotes

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Founded in 1948, Munsey Park Garden Club was established to share the knowledge and love of gardening, enhance the beauty of our community, and encourage the preservation of natural resources. Our members include residents of Manhasset and nearby surrounding Long Island communities.

We host field outings, tours, educational lectures, and demonstrations on horticulture, conservation, artistic flower arranging and landscape design, as well as fundraisers, group luncheons, and more.

If you'd like to join Munsey Park Garden Club of Manhasset, or request more information, please contact us.